“I have been going to Ulrike for the past year and a half, what a miracle worker she is. Somehow she manages to cleanse the body, soul and mind at every session. Not only is Ulrike an excellent reiki therapist but she has a wonderful aura and personality as well.

I highly recommend Ulrike to relieve life’s daily stresses and strains.”

A. Llewellyn, client.

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“I took to Ulrike the first time I met her. She had a lovely warm welcoming smile and openness which put me at ease straight away. I was quite anxious as I did not know what Reiki was and how I would feel. Ulrike’s very easy manner and explanations reassured me at once. I found the Reiki session to be very relaxing, rewarding and energising. I always came out from the session calm and deeply relaxed which helped me to view things that were going on in my life from a different perspective. My life is a lot easier now. I have lightened up, am more positive and am doing things I would never have dreamed of doing. I had regular Reiki sessions with Ulrike for over a year. They stopped when Ulrike relocated to Germany. My two sons were amazed at the changes in me so they also went to Ulrike for Reiki sessions on a regular basis.

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and I would strongly recommend Ulrike without any hesitation.”

B. Deegan, client.

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“Ulrike ist eine sehr empathische Frau mit tiefem Zugang zu spirituellem Wissen. Ihre Intuition ermöglicht ihr, Ihre guten Heilfertigkeiten bei den Menschen kompetent anzuwenden. Ich durfte sie in Jikiden Reiki einweihen und somit einen Baustein auf ihrem Weg hinzufügen. Ich bin seitdem weiterhin mit ihr kollegial verbunden. Sie hat mich bei dem Aufbau der englischen Homepage von Soul Life Therapy tatkräftig unterstützt. Ich freue mich auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.”

Ralf Hungerland, Spiritual Teacher and Reincarnation Therapist.

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“Ulrike Schrettenbrunner is a very personal and qualified Reiki Practitioner. Ulrike has completed several training courses with me directly. Her intuitive and practical skills are excellent and I highly recommend her as a therapist.

Ulrike would make a valuable addition to any clinic or health care practices team.”

Raeline Brady, Reiki/SKHM Master Teacher.

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“Ulrike is a wonderful dedicated Practitioner and has a deep understanding of Energy Healing and she provides a great healing session.

Highly recommend Ulrike.”

Patricia Sheehan, Reiki For All Owner & Pure Light Activations.

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“I have worked with Ulrike on a number of projects and have always found her skilled as a therapist. She applies a holistic approach to her practice incorporating both physicial and spritual.

Always professional.”

Dave McLoughlin, Principal Consultant/Account Director at SunGard Consultancy Services.

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“Ulrike flows from one activity to another, working with clients on a very personal basis, never giving less than her full attention with a sense of calm which belies her scope of practice. Never afraid to give me a push when needed it.”

Eoin Russell, Neuromuscular Therapist/Personal trainer at The Body Mechanic.

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