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I first heard about Reiki in the year 2000 and it was like something was tangibly caressing my soul and touching my heart deep inside…

Soon after, I attended my first Reiki workshop. Since then, I have studied with several teachers, which allowed me to keep an open mind and taught me to appreciate and integrate different lineages and developments. When I came across Jikiden Reiki in 2011, I instantly knew that I had found my place within the Reiki world.

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My background (beyond Reiki)

I grew up in Bavaria in Germany. After school I went to college to study ceramics for three years. With my certificate as qualified potter freshly in my hands and bursting to go on an adventure, I moved to Ireland which turned out to be my home for the next twenty years.

I worked in a Dublin-based pottery for the first eight years of my stay there. I then went back to further my education and subsequently started a career as Holistic Therapist, Arts & Health Practitioner and Violin Teacher.

In 2012 I relocated back to Germany to look after and care for my elderly mother.

Reiki biography

2015       Reiki Symposium 150th Anniversary of Mikao Usui, Berlin

2013       Reiki Practice Intensive (Frank Arjava Petter), Munich

2012       Reiki in Medicine Intensive ( Pamela Miles), Dublin

2012       Jikiden Reiki (okuden, shihan kaku) (Yamaguchi), London

2012       Jikiden Reiki (shoden, okuden) (Yamaguchi, Petter), Munich

2011       Jikiden Reiki (shoden, okuden) (Ralf Hungerland), Hamburg

2008       Reiki level 3 (Usui & Tera-Mai), Dublin (Patricia Sheehan)

2005       Reiki level 3 (Tibetan), Dublin (Raeline Brady)

2001       Reiki level 1 and 2 (Tera-Mai), Dublin (Susan Ahern)

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(Tadao Yamaguchi, Ulrike, Rika Tanaka)

Massage biography

2015       Peter Hess-Sound Massage, Regensburg/Munich

2007       On-Site/Seated Massage Therapy, Dublin

2007       Auricular/Hopi Ear Candle Therapy & Otoscopy, Dublin

2004       Indian Head Massage Therapy, Dublin

2004       Shirodhara, Dublin

2004       Holistic Massage Therapy ITEC, Dublin

Ulrike is both a member of Pro Reiki and the Institute of Indian Head Massage (IHM).

Holistic Therapies Work Experience

2015-           Reiki & Klang, Regensburg: Reiki Master Practitioner,                                                       Peter Hess-Sound Massage Practitioner

2011-2012   Community Nursing Unit, Dublin: Reiki Master Practitioner

2011-2012   The Clinic of Natural Medicine, Dublin: Reiki Master Teacher

2005-2007   Ikebana, Dublin: Holistic Therapist itec rfi ihm

2003-2007   Melt Healing Centre, Dublin: Holistic Therapist itec rfi ihm




2010       Postgraduate Diploma in Bereavement Studies, Dublin

1993       BA Ceramics, Landshut



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PAST TIME PLEASURES  Ulrike loves music and has started early to learn to play instruments. After giving the recorder and the piano a go, she settled for the violin and is currently learning to play the early harp. Ulrike has played with the Leinster Orchestra in Dublin and Heartland (folk/american country).

Another love of hers is coffee. Having grown up among a nation of coffee lovers, this has stuck with her and you’ll often find her in the local coffee shop sampling a lovely cappuccino or latte, possibly with a heated scone (back in Dublin) or a Brezel (here in Germany).

Ulrike loves being outside. To recharge her batteries and to free the mind, and to maintain overall balance, this is what she does: daily reiki self-practice, autogenic training, nordic walking, qi gong, gardening and the occasional boat trip on the danube.


Ulrike is someone who is making a difference. In 2009, she organised a benefit concert in aid of the Irish Hospice Foundation at the Axis Arts Centre in Ballymun. With Aengus McAnally as MC, lots of fantastic acts and a full house, €3.327 were raised. In 2010, Ulrike organised a coffee morning to benefit St. Francis Hospice Raheny.

While in Dublin, 10% of each treatment went towards the ‘Children’s Hospice Home Care Programme’, an  intitiative by the Irish Hospice Foundation and the Department of Health (http://www.hospice-foundation.ie/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=108&Itemid=40).

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